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Bach Flower Remedies and Education

By Bettina Rasmussen

The Bach Flower Remedies is a natural system discovered nearly 100 years ago by Dr. Edward Bach in England to support our emotions during stressful or difficult times, such as helping students navigate education and schooling by removing self-doubt, fears, and reasons to give up. We are all unique and react differently during stressful times, you will have an A+ student who freezes during exams and a C student who is calm and collected. We are all different and need different types of support. The Bach Flower Remedies can support us when navigating education and schooling.

When we converse with our friends, we realize that each one of us is distinct and unique. Some of us may love algebra but hate writing essays, while others may adore writing but struggle with geometry. Similarly, in different aspects of life, some individuals may enjoy cooking, while others may find it difficult to even grill a hot dog. We all have that one friend who can create anything out of nothing. Eventually, every one of us will find a path in life that aligns with our passions and interests. However, to reach that stage, we may have to attend school and learn various things, including topics we may not be interested in or find tedious.

College and university education is not the only path to a successful career. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach to learning, trade schools such as electricians or plumbers, as well as hands-on education in fields such as farming, cooking, and hairdressing, can be a great alternative. It's important to pursue skills that make you happy and fulfilled, as long as you never stop learning and exploring new opportunities.

15 Bach Flower Remedies that can support students and young people:
Agrimony: You hide how you feel inside with a smile and a joke, not letting anyone know that you are suffering.
Aspen: You feel anxious, but you don’t know why.
Cerato: You don’t trust my intuition and feel the need to ask for other people's advice.
Chestnut Bud: You have a hard time remembering what you have read.
Clematis: You find yourself daydreaming instead of working on your schoolwork.
Elm: You feel overwhelmed by all the work that has to be done.
Larch: You lack confidence in yourself and your abilities.
Mustard: You feel sad but for no real reason. It will come and go by itself.
Gentian: You feel easily discouraged when faced with small obstacles.
Rock Rose: You freeze up during exams.
White Chestnut
: You worry too much and have a hard time sleeping. “what if?”
Hornbeam: You procrastinate and can’t get motivated.
Rock Water: You are too hard on yourself and expect nothing less than perfection.
Walnut: You feel pressured to do something you don’t want to do and need to feel free from pressure.
Wild Oat: You are ambitious, and many things seem interesting, but you haven’t found that one thing that you love.

For a full list of remedies request Free Literature [email protected]

The Bach Flower Remedies can help us deal with negative emotions, fears, and external pressures that may hinder us from following the path we are meant to take and learning from it. These remedies can support us in living a happy, joyful, and confident life, as we explore and learn from our experiences.

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