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The Importance of Cell Salts

Cell Salt Reference Chart

Cell Salts stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms to satisfy mineral imbalances. In his biochemic theory, Dr. Schuessler, the discoverer of Cell Salts, states that deficiencies in these minerals are the source of common health problems and the Cell Salts derived from these minerals give the body what it needs to treat illness and be well.

What You Need to Know

  • Cell Salts are made from the minerals that cells require.
  • Cell Salts bring balance and health to muscle tissue and overall cell function restoration.
  • Formulated in homeopathic microdoses, making them safe for the whole family including children two years old and older.
  • Safe to use with other medications.
  • Available in quick-dissolving tablets.


A single dose of any one Hyland’s Cell Salts can also be added to 8oz of your or your child’s water bottle and sipped throughout the day. Hyland’s Cell Salts give families the flexibility and assurance of safety to treat minor health issues quickly and effectively. Cell Salts will not react with other medications and can complement a healthy living plan. Remember to follow all label directions.

The History of Cell Salts

Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, a German doctor, established the theory of Biochemic medicine in 1873. Dr. Schuessler combined the principles of biochemistry with homeopathy to give us the 12 safe and natural Cell Salts, each derived from one of the 12 inorganic mineral compounds most important to our cellular health.

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Hyland's #7 Kali Sulph. 6X 500tabs Hyland's - Cell Salt #7 Kali Sulph 6X 500tabs

Kali Sulph. (Kali Sulphuricum) provides relief of symptoms of the common cold, as well as symptoms of pimples and blemishes associated with common acne. Kali Sulph. is particularly useful for relief of symptoms associated with yellow mucus or discharge.

Price: $22.00
Sale Price: $17.00

Hyland's #8 Mag. Phos. 6X 100tabs Hyland's - Cell Salt #8 Mag Phos 6X 100tabs

Hyland’s cell salt Mag. Phos. (Magnesia Phosphorica) relieves diverse cramps and cramping or radiating pain symptoms. Leg cramps, muscle cramps, muscle tension and soreness, abdominal cramping, and menstrual cramps can all be relieved by this natural cell salt without harmful or groggy side effects. For pain relief, Mag. Phos. specializes in cramping or radiating pain symptoms, and it is also an ideal remedy for headaches with darting pains.

Price: $17.00

Hyland's - #11 Cell Salt Nat. Sulph. 6X 100 tabs Hyland's - Cell Salt #11 Nat Sulph 6X 100 tabs

Nat. Sulph. (Natrum Sulphuricum) is the cell salt indicated for relief from symptoms of the flu, including rheumatic pains, nausea, and vomiting. It is particularly useful in instances where symptoms are aggravated by cold, wet weather or damp places.

Price: $17.00
Hyland's #12 Silicea 6X 100tabs Hyland's - Cell Salt #12 Silicea 6X 100tabs

Silicea, a cleansing cell salt, helps the body eliminate non-functional matter; in skin applications, Silicea provides temporary relief from pimples, blackheads and blemishes associated with common acne. It is also a component of hair and nails and is thus a great remedy for brittle hair and nails.

Price: $17.00
Hyland's #9 Nat. Mur. 6X 100tabs Hyland's - Cell Salt #9 Nat Mur 6X 100tabs

Nat. Mur., (Natrum Muriaticum) the water-distributing cell salt, helps the body balance and better distribute its fluids. It is ideal for relief of symptoms of headaches, colds, and heartburn. Nat. Mur. plays a role in the production of hydrochloric acid and is also helpful for symptoms of gastric upset and distress.

Price: $17.00
Hyland's #3 Calc. Sulph. 6X 100tabs Hyland's - Cell Salt #3 Calc Sulph 6X 100tabs

Calc. Sulph. (Calcarea Sulphurica) is recommended for relief for a wide range of symptoms, specifically those that result in the formation of yellow pus and that are aggravated by heat and stuffy rooms. Calc. Sulph. provides relief for colds, post nasal drip, and sore throats that are accompanied by yellow discharge. Calc. Sulph. is also a useful remedy for pimples and blemishes associated with common acne.

Price: $17.00