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Reset Your Body with a 3-day Water Fast

By Bettina Rasmussen

There are several health benefits to doing a 3-day water fast, including losing weight, clearing dermatitis, boosting your immune system, boosting metabolism, clearing allergies, decreasing inflammation, and that is just what you will experience in the first three days. A 3 day fast can reset your body and get you started on a healthy diet.

How Do You do a 3-day Fast?
I recommend starting a 3-day fast after dinner; Sunday is my favorite day since you indulge more than usual over the weekend.
Starting Sunday evening, you get a large pitcher of water, add a sliced lemon or grapefruit, and add a pinch of Celtic Salt. This is the water you drink for the next 72 hours, refilling your pitcher several times a day. Mondays are usually busy anyway, so not worrying about meals allows you to get more done. Every time you think about food or get hungry, you drink another glass of water.
Day two starts by sleeping; when you wake up you just drink some more, refilling the pitcher with sliced lemons or grapefruit and ¼ teaspoon of Celtic Salt. Day 3 goes by pretty fast because you know that you will have dinner, you might notice that your pants got a little looser, your dermatitis clears up and besides remembering the habit of eating and drinking coffee you are doing well, You might even want to extend it to the next morning.
If you get very hungry or would like to continue a few more days you can drink a cup of organic Bone Broth 1-3 times a day.

What Happens to Your Body when you Fast?
Fasting allows your organs to get a break, your intestines relax and allow toxins to be released, your kidneys get flushed, your liver will detox and you will find that you easily will lose 3-6 lb from released toxic waste and inflammation. By not eating calories your body is forced to burn fat, the longer you fast the more fat you will burn. I do recommend starting eating something light after 3-4 days, You can eat the organic bone broth with brown rice or a boiled egg to start introducing nutrition to your body and keep feeling great afterward. You might not crave sweets, junk food, or coffee so now you can start a new habit of eating healthy. Expanding the bone broth to bone broth soups, warm foods with a lot of cooked vegetables, and adding some spices to activate your digestion.

What do the Sliced Lemons, Grapefruit, and Celtic Salt do?

The skin and juice of lemon and grapefruit help with detoxification. You might get a coating on your thong from the detox, brush your teeth and scrape it off, and drink some more water. Your pee may still have color after a couple of days showing that your body is releasing toxic waste. The Celtic Salt replenishes your body’s minerals and brings hydration to your cells, alkalizes your body, eliminates mucus buildup, balances your mineral/fluid balance, and regulates your heartbeat and blood pressure to name a few.

Some people add a weekly fasting day for gentle detox and a small reset, Again I prefer Sunday after dinner until Tuesday morning breakfast, but again you select the day that is best for you. Your body will thank you.

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