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Homeopathic remedies are natural, safe, regulated by the FDA and produce no side effects.

Learn more about homeopathic remedies here: Information of Homeopathic Remedies

Different people use Homeopathic medicines in many ways for a variety of circumstances.

Homeopathy is a natural and safe alternative to conventional medicine and is suitable for all ages throughout every stage of life, for babies, children and adults. It is considered safe to take homeopathic medicines whilst pregnant although we recommend that they are taken under the supervision of a practitioner.

Being a complementary medicine Homeopathy can be taken under supervision alongside conventional treatment. if you are taking conventional medicines please discuss using homeopathic remedies with your General Practitioner. Conventional medicines should not be discontinued without discussion with your GP. (Homeopathy was recognized by an Act of Parliament in 1948, as a safe alternative form of medicinal treatment). Since it's discovery over 250 years ago Homeopathy, a complete system of medicine which improves mental, emotional and physical health has been demonstrated as an effective medicine for people worldwide. Today over thirty million people in Europe benefit from homeopathic treatment.

It is well recognized that people consult a homeopath for help with minor physical ailments and recent emotional experiences. Homeopathy can also help to relieve the effects of long term stress and chronic illness. Whatever the diagnosis, your health circumstances are unique. Homeopathic treatment is based directly on your individual experience of being unwell. A homeopath will select from over 2000 remedies and will prescribe the remedy which is most similar to your experiences and therefore most likely to improve, the state of health you describe.

Accurately prescribed homeopathic remedies boost your whole immune system, and act without side effects. Balance, well-being and health are gently, safely and effectively restored. Homeopathy can be used both in health and illness. In health as a preventative and in illness to remedy the imbalance

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Homeopathic First Aid for Animals Homeopathic First Aid for Animals: Tales and Techniques from a Country Practitioner by Kaetheryn Walker

The gentle and effective qualities that have made homeopathy such a popular remedy for humans make it the perfect treatment method for animals as well. This reader-friendly guide is an A-to-Z reference for treating almost any emergency that may befall our animal companions.

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