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How to Treat Candida Naturally

By Bettina Rasmussen

After getting Lyme disease and recovering quickly after a long dose of antibiotics I got Candida which manifested as oral thrush. I went through 10 weeks of a difficult Candida Diet where I ate steamed vegetables, chicken, and brown rice avoiding any type of sweets, bread, or fruits, and still not finding that I got much relief. At this point, I dug deep into the whole Candida business and found a surprisingly easy solution and this is my story of discovering a natural way of treating the Candida overgrowth.

Some common symptoms of Candida overgrowth are

- Digestive Issues

- Recurring Yeast Infections

- Oral Thrush

- Chronic Fatigue

- Brain Fog

- Sinus Infections

- Food Sensitivities

- Fungal Infections on Skin and Nails

- Weak Immune System

- Joint Pain

- Low Mood

A simple test that seems to work to see if you have Candida overgrowth is the saliva test, in the morning when you wake up before eating or drinking anything you collect as much saliva as possible and spit in a glass of water. If the saliva stays on the top floating you should be good, however, if the saliva becomes stringy and sinks as strings you most likely have a Candida overgrowth.

Our digestive tract is home to a large variety of microbes both friendly and unfriendly and when in balance we are happy, healthy and our body functions are working properly. However, when the balance between friendly and unfriendly microbes becomes distorted bad fungi like Candida begin to flourish and we start feeling unhealthy and uncomfortable in our bodies.

In order for our digestive tract to be happy and healthy we need to feed the friendly microbes good natural foods such as whole grains, kefir, organic yogurt, sourdough bread, fermented foods, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, herbs, organic meats, etc. That way our friendly microbes break down the food properly and in the process breed more friendly microbes, at the same time the unfriendly microbes such as candida are starved. Candida and unfriendly microbes don’t like vegetables, whole grains, and all that healthy stuff… Candida loves sweets, carbs, sugars, white flour, beer, alcohol, yeast bread, sodas, etc., and will flourish on an unhealthy diet overpowering the friendly microbes in record time.

In my research, I wanted to know why it is so difficult to kill the Candida even by starving it from its favorite food SUGAR. I discovered that the Candida protects itself with a layer of biofilm which is a glue-like slimy substance and it is very difficult if not impossible for our body’s immune system to penetrate to get to the Candida inside. My next question was what breaks down the biofilm and I discovered that Garlic, Cinnamon, Oregano, Curcumin, and Ginger could help break down the biofilm so adding that to your healthy diet can be very helpful in winning the Candida battle. I started to take Kyolic’s Formula 102 with Garlic and felt that the Candida symptoms got better as long as I stayed away from sweets and ate the best as I could without being on a very strict diet.

My next successful discovery came by chance, 6 months after I stopped the antibiotics. I had been on the 10 weeks strict Candida diet which didn’t change much, 1 month on the Kyolic Formula 102 which seemed to keep the symptoms in control and then I started getting a Cold. In order to prevent getting sick I started to take Herbal Resistance from Source Naturals and within a couple of days my cold symptoms went away, but then I realized that the Candida symptoms had gotten better. It dawned on me that the Kyolic had weakened the biofilm and by boosting my immune system, my immune system was able to penetrate the biofilm and kill off the Candida. Over the next 18 months, I was able to eat mostly healthy, break down the biofilm, and eventually be Candida-free.

Products to break down the biofilm and support your immune system that I trust:

- Kyolic Formula 102

- Oil of Oregano by Planetary Herbals

- Candida Digest by Source Naturals

- DefensePlus by NutriBiotic

- GSE Liquid Concentrate by NutriBiotic

- Wellness Formula Tabs by Source Naturals

- Herbal Resistance by Source Naturals

- Wellness ImmuneSmart by Source Naturals

- Enzymes and Probiotics from high-quality brands such as American Health or Kyo-Dophilus

- Bupleurum Liver Cleanse by Planetary Herbals

- Liver Cleanse by Source Naturals

- Liver Defense by Planetary Herbals

These products can be found at www.DirectlyFromNature.com

To summarize, Candida overgrowth happens when our friendly microbes are being killed off faster than the unfriendly microbes, this can be because of antibiotics or an overly unhealthy diet. You will need to create a healthy environment for the friendly microbes by changing your diet and eating fresh natural food and a lot of herbal tea and water to flush out toxins from your body. Adding good quality Probiotics supplements is also very helpful in supporting the friendly flora in your digestive tract.

In order to starve the unfriendly microbes in your digestive system you will have to avoid starch, sugar, and yeasty products. In order to weaken the biofilm you need to take supplements or eat a lot of herbs and spices that break it down. At the same time, you boost your immune system with a very good natural supplement and be consistent until you have recovered. You might want to add a liver cleanser every few months to make sure your liver doesn’t get overloaded with toxins and dead Candida cells. Happy Cleansing!


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