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Hemorrhoid Creams and Balms
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Aesculus / Hamamelis / Paeonia Cream (Replaces H+ Care Cream) Aesculus / Hamamelis / Paeonia Cream (Replaces H+ Care Cream)

Aesculus / Hamamelis / Paeonia Cream 30g tube (Replaces H+ Care Cream)
Organic tinctures of aesculus, hamamelis and paeonia are combined to create a soothing topical application for hemorrhoid, varicose veins, and thrombophlebiti.
Ⓥ suitable for vegans
Helios creams are made using natural ingredients, do not contain lanolin, artificial preservatives or petroleum derivatives and are not tested on animals.
Made in England

Price: $12.25

Nelsons- H+ Care, Hemorrhoid Cream Nelsons H+ Care, Hemorrhoid Cream

Nelson's H+ Care Hemorrhoid Cream: Natural Care Since 1860, A Homeopathic Medicien, Relieves, Soothes, Calms. Nelsons topical remedies represent over a century of excellence in natural skin care, and are unrivaled in effectiveness and quality. Nelsons H+care soothing hemorrhoid cream has been uniquely formulated to help provide soothing relief from itching, burning, and irritation associated with hemorrhoids.

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(This product is no longer being made)

Suggested Replacement: Aesculus_Hamamelis_Paeonia_Cream_30g_tube

Price: $14.00

After BURN Cream 6 oz by Topricin - (H+ Care Replacement) After BURN Cream 6 oz by Topricin - (H+ Care Replacement)

Topricin After Burn Cream:

Topricin After Burn Cream has been scientifically engineered to moisturize and sooth the skin with 14 bio-medicines including Arnica and Echinacea. Our proprietary blend is unmatched in its ability to help speed recovery from overexposure to the elements. Now everyone from children and tweens, to teens mom, dad and grandparents can enjoy safe, effective, unique burn relief that’s a cut above. With no aloe to dry out the skin, and no chemicals that can cause irritations or allergic reactions, Topricin After Burn Cream leads the pack with natural ingredients that are safe, gentle, and most of all, hypoallergenic. Topricin After Burn Cream is also perfect for reducing scar tissue, especially post-surgery.


Price: $16.00
Hemorrhoid Creams and Balms